For businesses in Suffolk and Essex, holding Conventions, or wanting Calendars, Signage or Branding - look no further than caricatures from Drop Dead Caricatures.

We can come up with caricatures of your guests, we can caricaturise the boss, we can come up with a caricature for any event of any size.

Drop Dead Caricatures can be on hand at the event caricaturising in much the same way as the table magician 'magics' - we are equally entertaining but leave alonger lasting impression (pun intended).

Drop Dead Caricatures will make your corporate event really memorable, even if we are not in attendance.

Table placements with caricatures of notable company people, menus with a caricature of the boss, certificates with caricatures of the recipient ...these are but a few of the ideas that we have successfully used in the past.

We are creative with our artwork but we are also creative with our ideas. We may think of things that you might never have thought about and you are just a call away.

Talking costs nothing, we don't charge for an initial exploratory discussion.

Call us now on 07796 455304 or email us here.

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