Drop Dead Caricatures, supplying caricatures for people in Essex and Suffolk for years, are always keen to give the best prices possible for high quality work.

Because caricatures can be black and white, colour, framed or unframed, very large or very small, individuals or groups, they are usually unique and therefore have to be priced individually. We are always happy to give an exact price BEFORE any work is agreed - we do not want you to have any 'surprises'. We list the details below as a guide.

To come to a wedding and 'be on hand' for 3 hours is £400 plus an extra £75 per hour thereafter, plus travelling expenses at 25p per mile for each mile above 100 return - the first 100 being free.

We also offer 2 hours for £300.

The cost of the caricatures (however many we do) is included in this price.

For studio work (generally from supplied photograph(s) we can do a 'quick sketch' for £25.

A detailed sketch is £55 for a basic head and shoulders in Black and White, whilst £95 covers the cost for a head and shoulders in colour and £150 for a single person full length.

Historically we have caricaturised groups ranging in size from 4 to 24 in black and white and colour and they have been both framed and unframed.

It is therefore difficult to price these without having some information so we must say price on application.

Contact us by 'phone on 07796 455 304 or simply by clicking here and we'll get back to you asap with your special price.


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