The school prom is typically memorable for the wonderful dresses and outfits, the fancy limos and the entertainment.

The entertainment is often in the form of a disco, band, and perhaps a chocolate fountain or some such thing.

You will not believe the popularity of having a caricaturist on hand at a School Prom. As an organiser you will be remembered for making the party swing. Politically correct, non controversial, adult and serious, yet producing such hilarity and jollity - the promenaders will remember the caricatures long after the event.

We typically are 'on hand' for 3 hours and all portraits done at the event are included in the price.

Be different - and memorable - let Drop Dead Caricatures produce something to treasure for your School Prom.

Call Drop dead Caricatures on 07796 455304 or use our quick form by clicking here.

School Proms
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